About us

Our original homemade strudel is no exception. Made from scratch with the finest ingredients, our strudel is made to order and sent out the next business day via Priority Mail to ensure that your strudel arrives at your home or office fresh.

The moment you open the package, the aromas of fresh ground cinnamon, fruit picked from the orchard, and pure milk chocolate will beckon you to your delicious prize. The mail never tasted so good! Take a peek at our selection of mouth watering strudel and find the flavor combination that fits your palate. We are confident there is a flavor for everyone!

We at Oodles of Strudel strive to provide our customers with the best tasting, highest quality strudel available anywhere. The availability of fruits and other ingredients fluctuates with changing seasons and climates. This means that, at times, a flavor may be available one week, but not the next.

We make our strudel with only the freshest ingredients possible. We apologize if that Apple/Blueberry Strudel you crave is temporarily “taken off the menu.” Try one of our other delicious varieties to tide you over until the next season. Who knows, that Good Ol Chocolate Strudel may become your next favorite.

Here you can order your choice of delectable, homemade strudels. Whether you’re a first-timer with strudels or a “strudel connoisseur,” we know you’ll enjoy our authentic, family recipe. So, order yourself a variety and experience a little taste of Germany. And don’t forget….Oodles of Strudel makes a great inexpensive gift for that special someone, or special occasion. Remember, our strudels are baked to order, so they arrive fresh at your doorstep.

Note: We are now accepting payments through PayPal!

ALLERGY ADVISORY: These strudels are made with or in an area that handles nut, dairy, and wheat products.

Please contact us for additional information 805-624-0604